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Wagering game systems, wagering gaming machines, and wagering gaming chairs having haptic and thermal feedback US9064372 Nov 9, 2007 Jun 23, 2015 Wms Gaming Inc.

Aristocrat gaming slot machines for sale- Find the gaming cabinets to buy;. curved, touch-screen. It boasts stunning 22-inch LCD screens,.For the displays 102 and 202, the indicia shown by the displays may or may not form part of a payline and thus may or may not show any result.As with FIG. 1, FIG. 2 omits the standard static graphic indicia located at locations of the reel peripheral surface not occupied by displays 202.

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Although data may be communicated to processing elements on the spinning reels 100 in a wireless fashion, power to any such processing elements may be supplied through a suitable slip ring arrangement.In addition, mechanical reel-type machines do not offer an easy way to change the appearance of the gaming machine.

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PACHISLO SLOT MACHINE PACHISLO SLOT SECRETS MANUAL. lock odds level into machine memory. Some do it with LCD’s / a fourth reel.

A method according to one preferred form of the invention includes displaying a gaming result on a display device.The gaming machine also has a liquid crystal display having an. there is a continuing need for slot machines variants. Gaming machine having a molded curved.In some forms of the invention, a display may be self-supporting in the desired curved shape and the reel structure simply supports the curved display at the desired location so that the curved display surface forms the desired portion of the desired cylindrical surface.Wagering game with simulated mechanical reels US8425316 Aug 3, 2010 Apr 23, 2013 Igt Methods and systems for improving play of a bonus game on a gaming machine and improving security within a gaming establishment US8439741 Oct 19, 2007 May 14, 2013 Wms Gaming Inc.

In one embodiment, the curved display is fixed in place, but is driven to simulate a spinning reel of a slot machine.Gaming machine with superimposed display image US7585220 Dec 1, 2006 Sep 8, 2009 Wms Gaming Inc.AOC AG322QCX 31.5 Inch Curved Quad HD LCD Gaming Monitor PC. (Coffee machines etc not included. of delivery advising of an approximate time slot for the.The present invention provides apparatus and methods for producing reel-type presentations and displaying gaming results.

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The diameter of the reels is commonly such that three adjacent indicia on each reel face the player position so that a player in that position may see all three adjacent indicia on each reel.Ultimately, the gaming device displays a series of indicia correlated to a result of the play as indicated at process block 407.

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The curved shape 502 and display 504 are stationary in the sense that they do not themselves spin or otherwise move relative to a gaming machine on which they may be mounted.In one preferred embodiment, a main processing device such as CPU 110 cooperates with a separate graphics processor 112 for each curved display 102 or for each of a number of limited groups of curved displays.

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Such a graphics processor may be located externally to the respective spinnable reel 100, or internally to the respective reel. - Modular T-Slotted Framing For Custom

Home / Slot Machine Parts. 19" LCD monitor with protective glass for Aristocrat MK6 upgrade. Fits as replacement for curved and flat CRT’s as well as LCD.

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The display device is driven by a graphics processor to produce at least one indicia in the set of indicia, and the display device forms a portion of a substantially cylindrical shape such that the display device imitates reels of a mechanical slot machine.55” LG CURVED OLED TV. 55EC930V; Discontinued Product;. loc_en_GB, sid _MD05137781, prod. LG SIGNATURE OLED TV LG SIGNATURE Washing Machine LG SIGNATURE.These reel spinning and control arrangements form no part of the present invention and are thus not described here in detail.Mad Men Slot Machine. Mad Men is a video slot that comes complete with a Mad. packing in a large 42 inch curved LCD display which contains footage from the.The indicia that line up along the payline when the reels stop spinning represents a result for the payline.

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igt game king 4.3 video poker multi-game slot machine with lcd touchscreen monitor - super double double bonus poker glass. includes lock & keys.BALLY ALPHA PRO 2 WAVE SLOT MACHINE Product information Buy Sell Trade & Repair Slot Machines and. BALLY ALPHA 2 PRO WAVE. a 40-inch curved LCD.These static graphics will commonly be present on a reel 200 in order to make the reel suitable for use in a gaming machine.

In operation, a player makes a wager concerning a given payline, and then pulls a handle on the mechanical slot machine to spin the reels.According to the present invention, one or more processing devices such as CPU 110, or the CPU combined with one or more dedicated graphics processors such as processor 112 drive each of the curved displays 102.In addition to the three reels 100, FIG. 1 also shows a processing device (CPU) 110 for the reel-type gaming device in which reels 100 may be included.The simulation of spinning reels ultimately shows that the indicia stop in a desired position to show a result of a play to the player.New in slot machine gaming: ‘Titanic,’ ‘Walking Dead,’ online progressives and DeLoreans.This display thickness is exaggerated for purposes of illustration and clarity in the drawings.

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Home / Slot Machine Parts / Parts for Aristocrat. 19" LCD touchmonitor for Aristocrat MK6 upgrade. Fits as replacement for curved and flat CRT’s as well as LCD.

FIG. 4 is a flow diagram illustrating a gaming method embodying principles according to the present invention.In some mechanical reel slot machines, a result for a given play of the game may be generated by a random result generator associated with the slot machine and each reel may be forced to stop spinning at the appropriate position to show the proper set of indicia along the payline for the result.Simulation of mechanical reels on a gaming machine US7458890 May 25, 2007 Dec 2, 2008 Wms Gaming Inc.Can be keyed alike with any other BMS product. Screw type key like with lock,. LCD projectors and any other product that has a micro security slot built into it.Cole Kepro upright Video poker and slot machine. 6000-19-077-022Belly Door Lock. Upright Floating LCD Video Poker and Slot Machine Slimline™ Cabinet 2238...

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Also, as described above in connection with displays 102, displays 202 are driven or controlled through a suitable processing arrangement to display various animated or non-animated indicia, and to change the displayed indicia in any way desired during the course of a game play or over the course of multiple game plays at a gaming machine including reel 200.At process block 406, the gaming device may light or otherwise drive the curved display or displays 102, 202, or 302 to show or produce the desired indicia at the reel location or locations encompassed by the respective display.Another gaming machine according to the present invention includes one or more spinnable reels with one or more displays located on a portion of the peripheral surface of the respective reel.Antique Slot Machine Parts Just some of the antique slot machines we have made parts and mint vendors for. Mills, Jennings, Pace, Watling, Caille, Superior, Buckley.This series of indicia correlated to a result for the play will commonly be associated with a payline defined for the gaming machine.However, it will be appreciated by those skilled in the art of reel-type gaming machines that a suitable reel spinning arrangement may include a mechanical linkage between a player actuating lever and the reels.The Wolf Run video slot machine can bring out the wild in you!. – 17′ LCD monitor – Rare Game – Lock & Key – Refurbished – Nice cabinet – Made by IGT.